Frequently asked questions

The delivery time always depends on the season and the type of machine, but in general we strive to be able to deliver from stock, so within one or two weeks.

There are many machines on the market that claim that they can do the same, but in reality they do not come close to the performance of a Becx Hedge Trimmer. A Becx Machine is easy to maintain, has separate mulching knives, a patented cutting system and ensures a perfect cutting of your hedge. Where a competitor’s pruner soon results in brown hedges due to split branches, a Becx Hedge Trimmer cuts your branches straight and flat, leaving the hedges green. In addition, a Becx Machine is modular.

Where other machines are made in one piece, it is possible at Becx Heggensnoeiers to replace all parts individually. This makes it possible, for example in the event of a collision with the floor or wall, to put a new hood on the machine. Try to get that done with another hedge trimmer.

Is your question not listed?

It is of course possible that your question is not listed in our frequently asked questions. That is why you can contact us in the ways below. You can also fill in the contact form on the site and you will be contacted as soon as possible.