Hedge cutter with a working width of 130cm


The Becx HS130HR hedge trimmer has been specially developed for professional hedge trimming in a single work process. The material is trimmed, cut into fine pieces by the patented double blade (inside the sealed casing) and inserted back into the hedge. This helps to minimize the clean-up and disposal of hedge trimmings. Becx’s patented cutting system ensures the very highest trimming quality.


Thanks to its shielded enclosure, the HS130HR is deemed to be extremely safe. The casing helps to prevent cuttings from scattering. Downtime is kept to a minimum thanks to the use of high quality materials, effective construction and direct transmission based on strong hydro-motors. The machine is also very easy and cheap to maintain.


Becx hedge trimmers are able to significantly reduce the size of hedges in a single work process, without making concessions in results. Noise levels are very low because the machine only uses hydro-motors and features no chains or V-belts.


Hedge-cutting in one pass with a width of 130cm.