• HS75HR


Hedge trimmer with a working width of 75 cm


The Becx HS75HR is the smallest machine in the hedge trimmer range of Becx Machines. This hedge trimmer has two trimmer heads and has been fully re-design. Due to the limited dimensions and smaller components, both the weight is slow and the required oil flow is very small. The HS75HR is therefore compatible with even the smallest of tractors. Of course, this trimmer also has all the qualities that you associate with Becx Machines.


Becx Machines has taken safety to the next level with the HS75HR. Because the primary aim is a lightweight hedge trimmer, the hood and the frame had to be lighter. Extra safety is ensured by making the safety components of the hood
from high-strength steel, which improves damage resistance by up to four times compared to regular steel. This helps to better guarantee safety.


Becx Machines hedge trimmers are able to significantly reduce the size of hedges in a single work process, without making concessions in results. Noise levels are very low because the machine only uses hydro-motors and features no chains or V-belts. No concessions have been made with the two trimmer heads of the HS75HR either.


Cutting in one pass, now available for everyone.