• HS150HR


Hedge trimmer with a working width of 150cm


The Becx HS150HR is one of the largest machines in the Becx range of hedge trimmers. The trimming width has increased, as has the trimming capacity. The standard casing is very robust, which means an extra buffer is not needed when attached to for example an excavator.


The HS150HR has remained loyal to the basic principles of Becx Machines’ hedge trimmers. Three motors, three trimmer heads with four double blades and the patented blade configuration. This helps to safeguard reliability as well as trimming quality. The casing design is robust, effectively reduces the size of the material and is very safe.


Its powerful trimming mechanism enables the HS150HR to be used flexibly for a variety of hedges and ground covers. Due to the high intake, hedges can be significantly reduced in size in a single work process. The HS150HR is ideal for heavy duty work. Large tractors and/or excavators (with double rotator DRHS55) are ideal machines for carrying the HS150HR.


A great machine with great powers.