• HS210HR


Hedge cutter with a working width of 211 cm


The Becx HS210HR is the second largest machine in the hedge trimmer range of Becx Machines. This hedge trimmer with five trimmer heads is based on the HS131HR and therefore has all the advantages of the previous models.


The sealed casing of the HS130HR is exceedingly safe. The casing helps to prevent trimmings from scattering. Downtime is kept to a minimum thanks to the use of high-strength steel, a solid construction and direct drive by top-quality hydro-motors. The machine is also very easy and cheap to maintain.


Becx Machines hedge trimmers are able to significantly reduce the size of hedges in a single work process, without making concessions in results. Noise levels are very low because the machine only uses hydro-motors and features no
chains or V-belts. Furthermore, this machine is designed to cover a lot of distance. Many hedges can be trimmed in one go thanks to the 210-cm working width.


Hedge cutting; but BIG!

11cc motors (circa 60 l/min continuous oil flow needed).