• OB90M



The M in OB90M stands for manual. The clever construction allows the user to adjust the OB90M fully to his wishes and requirements. With its swivel reach of 180 degrees the machine can be used across a great range. The angle of the head can be tilted with respect to the paved surface. No hydraulic swivel options are used, so the carrier only requires a hydraulic pressure and return connection.


The M in OB90M can also be understood to mean Multifunctional, because that is certainly a good description of this machine. The clever design of the brush head allows a sweeper to be mounted on the machine easily. The 360-degree rotating brush head can even be used to sweep gutters. Nothing prevents you from using this machine on all types of terrain.


Using high-quality materials and components, we have succeeded again in developing a reliable machine. We made no concessions with the functionality and quality, and have created a machine which can be used for many years.


Simple, Durable, Easy