• OBKS50-35


Smart, compact and quick brushing and edge-cutting in one pass


The weed brush/edge cutting machines from Becx make it possible to brush surfaces and trim grass in a single work process. The standard OBKS50-35 has a brush diameter of 50 cm and a trimming blade diameter of 35 cm. A standard machine allows the working width to be mechanically adjus ted, as well as the height of edgecutting blades in relation to the brush. The angle of the brush can also be mechanically adjusted.


The working width and the height of the blade can be adjusted hydraulically. These options can easily be added to your machine at a later time. If your machine does not have enough double hydraulic functions, the machine can be fitted with hydraulic valves and an accompanying control panel!


The machine’s intelligent design keeps production costs to a minimum, which pays off in the initial purchase price! Without making concessions in quality or functionality, Becx offers you a fantastic, complete machine: great performance for a great price.


Weed brushing and edge-cutting in one pass