• HS131HR


Hedge trimmer with a working width of 131cm.


We listened to our customers and their experiences with the HS130HR and HS150HR, and have been able to take hedge trimming with the Becx HS131HR to the next level. The machine’s capacity is slightly higher than the HS130HR. The
machine is even better at mulching, discards even less trimmed material and has a more robust casing.


Basically, the HS131HR is a reliable hedge trimmer similar to the HS130HR. The reliable hydromotors and bearing houses are also used in the new machine. A number of new properties have been added to these familiar basic elements. For instance, the standard HS131HR features some hydraulic safety elements and the blade heads are even easier to maintain.


The HS131HR features a roller as standard in order to protect the casing. The roller will serve as a buffer should the trimmer touch the ground.


The HS130HR, but more…