• OB90


The OB90 is the right choice for the user who brush many meters a day.


The OB90 is an ideal choice for users who cover a lot of cleaning meters every day. All configuration possibilities are controlled hydraulically, which allows the operator to easily reach all sides and corners without losing time. The brush arm has a large reach and can be swiveled from left to right. The head can be tilted backwards and forwards, and from left to right. This allows the operator to position the brush exactly where necessary! The OB90 is also available with hydraulically adjustable edge trimmers. Conversion is always possible if you later decide to use your machine to trim edges. (see OBKS90-45)


Unlike many weed control machines, the OB90 does not use toxic substances or extra diesel when boiling water. The OB90 operates via the hydraulics of the tool carrier and is thus a perfect future-oriented solution when it comes to large-scale, sustainable and safe weed control. An extra large weed brush, with many bristles, has been developed to prevent damage to brushed surfaces. This brush offers excellent results at low revs!


Weed brush, to extend with a edge-cutting knife!