The A in the type designation stands for arm. And with that is meant here an arm that is usually deployed for trimming hedges or mowing verges and ditch sides.

The OBA50 is extremely suitable for attachment to the Becx Machines MA270. By making use of the freedom of movement of the arm, the places that a standard brush machine cannot reach are also accessible. Think, for example, of slopes under viaducts, refuge hills and other difficult or barely passable places.


By using high-quality materials and components, we have succeeded in developing a reliable machine. We have made no concessions to the functionality and quality, allowing the machine to be used for many years.

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Removing weeds with a mowing arm or excavator?
  • Minimal damage to pavement due to the use of brushes with many strands
  • Very low noise level
  • Brush arm mechanically adjustable
  • Can be mounted on almost any brand of mowing arm.

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