All good products are based on good ideas. Becx Machines does its utmost to effectively convert such ideas into functional and durable machines. At the Becx engineering department, ideas first become drawings; drawings then become prototypes; and prototypes become products after further development. These are EFFECTIVE products that Becx wholeheartedly believes in!


Because Becx Machines believes in short lines of communication and the ability to respond quickly, Becx Machines prefers to keep production and product development activities in-house or very close to the company. Due to short distances and short lines of communication, changes can be quickly implemented, produced items can be inspected efficiently and consistent quality and timely delivery can be guaranteed.


Information is an essential factor in today’s world. And Becx Machines understands the importance of providing good information. This website features detailed information about our machines. If desired, you can ask your dealer for even more detailed information such as manuals and parts lists.

Welcome at Becx Machines.

Becx Machines is developing professional machinery since 2008. Besides hedge trimmers and weed brushes Becx Machines also has a hydraulic arm in range.

Quality, reliability, durability and speed; Becx Machines are built with these four priorities in mind. In addition, customer satisfaction is always our first and foremost priority!

Please feel free to contact us to see where we can help you.


Becx Machines is expert in the field of large-scale machine hedge-cutting and weed control. We are convinced that the mechanical method is the best and most sustainable for hedge trimming and weed control. In this way, the potential of the carrier machine is used to the fullest and no additional fuels are used for cooking and/or burning of weeds. The Becx Machines Weed brush is the machine for removing venom-free weeds!

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This website features all important information about all Becx Machines. You can also view our brochure. If there are any more questions, you can always contact us.