• OBKS90-45


A weed-brush edge-cutter that does the work for you.


The OBKS90-45 is a superb, complete machine for professional users. The operator can control all rotation and swivel functions from his cabin. This range of configuration possibilities improves the number of meters that can be brushed and cut each day. Because the brush and blade can be configured from inside the cabin, this machine is able to trim most grass verges and brush most surfaces! It is also possible to fully withdraw the blade, thus allowing only brushing activities to be carried out.


Unlike many weed control machines, the OBKS90-45 does not use toxic substances or extra diesel when boiling water. The OBKS90-45 works via the hydraulics of the tool carrier and is thus a perfect future-oriented solution when it comes to large-scale, sustainable and safe weed control. An extra large weed brush, with many bristles, has been developed to prevent damage to brushed surfaces. This brush offers excellent results at low revs!


Both the height and width of the trimming arm can be adjusted. Both settings feature pressure-regulated valves, which prevent the blade from moving into unwanted positions. The blade controls also feature two accumulators that allow the blade to deviate if excessive pressure is encountered. A clearly visible pressure meter allows the operator to keep a close eye on the pressure.


Brushing and cutting edges in one pass.