• Hydraulic arm MA270

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Mechanical pruning pays off! However, you will need the right tools for this. To start with, there are of course the Becx Machines hedge trimmers. To be able to optimally operate these trimmers, Becx also developed its own mowing arms. The MA270 is a mowing arm with a reach of 270 cm that can be used both left and right of the carrier vehicle. The MA270 arm is hydraulically rotatable. The standard version of the implement coupling can be turned manually, but it can also be fitted with a hydraulic swivel unit. A ‘fixed’ head can also be chosen, which makes pruning the back of the hedge more accessible.

The cutter arm can always be easily converted to one of the other models later on!


The MA270 gives you a lot of freedom of movement, regardless of the model. The machine has also been built to be as compact and light as possible without making concessions to quality. With this machine, it is possible to work stably at 270 cm, as well as very close to the machine. The arm can be rotated 180 degrees. This is one of the many features that make this machine so unique!


Completely hydraulic or manual, everything is possible!